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More than just a royal wedding

I woke up late – at 8 AM (Eastern time) but luckily, the Royal Channel on YouTube was preparing a rebroadcast immediately after the “ride around”…which was perfectly timed post coffee cup #2 for me. Really, I’ve seen a lot … Continue reading

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Binge Watching?

I have to admit to binge watching stuff in the past. Like Sons of Anarchy. Or Fuller House. Or Gilmore Girls. Or Royal Pains. Or Last Man Standing. Okay. I’ve binge watched a lot. Now-a-days, I’ve found a better thing … Continue reading

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Once a writer, always a writer

I look at all the books that I (and others) consume on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and remember way back in college when I was going to write…well, I admit, I was never going to write the great American … Continue reading

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Musing of a …. well, let’s just say, “I was thinking…”

I have a few things on my mind.  But, I wanted to share something that I knew, but I learned today.  Okay, so your first thought is, “If you knew it, Mary…how could you have learned it today?”  Well, my … Continue reading

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A bit of fantsy/fiction – part 1

The metallic squeal of her cell phone alarm did little to genuinely wake her.  Although the early morning sun was beginning to trickle through the trees outside the window, it seemed as if she had only slept for a few … Continue reading

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