Once a writer, always a writer


I look at all the books that I (and others) consume on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and remember way back in college when I was going to write…well, I admit, I was never going to write the great American novel.  Someone with this level of A.D.D. can’t write for that long.  But I was going to have a book of poetry done and published…so much so that I was going to be sought after as a poet and lyricist by artists far & wide.  That would…of course, lead me to super-stardom in my own little world.

Now I often think of putting pen to paper (yeah…that’s the cliche, so deal with it) and creating.  Then that attention deficit disorder kicks in.  Should I write a novel?  A bunch of short stories?  Should I write non-fiction?  I mean, at this point, I’ve learned about providing top notch service in a service based industry, I’ve learned about coaching and providing feedback, I’ve written and delivered 15 speeches in a Toastmasters environment, I’ve facilitated discussion groups, lead worship at churches…I’ve learned all about cancer, cancer treatments, hospice, hospitals, patient rights…I’ve learned about family upheaval, and giving your life a positive spin even when it seems so negative.  I’ve learned about life on the road as a member of a rock band and as a member of the road crew.  I’ve learned about greyhounds.  I’ve learned about canine health issues.  I’ve learned about non-profits.  Oh wow.  I forgot I was blogging.  I’ll stop this list now (see?  attention deficit disorder….SQUIRREL!)

I can’t get to the point where I even feel good about writing down my thoughts since they do wind up quite disheveled.

My 50 years so far have provided me wisdom, and offers me the opportunity to shine a light into the dark – take that however you want to.  I don’t see myself as a “glass half empty” kinda gal.  And I feel as if I can share that in print.  But, I just don’t know where to start.

If you know how WordPress works, there are categories you can create for your blogs.  I see the categories over there on the right…ones I may never EVER use again but at the time, they seemed like the right thing to do.  So, I think tonight, as I wrap up this blog, I will categorize it with each of those categories.  Because I’m feeling as if every possible topic I could have ever wanted to put in a rambling has been used.

And this is why I don’t write a novel, or an autobiography.  It would never end, would provide no resolution, and I would continue forward with yarns woven all over the place!

About Solid Body Strong Mind

Planning an update to this, and hopefully a way to encourage women to stay healthy as they approach middle age. Change happening April 1!!
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3 Responses to Once a writer, always a writer

  1. Love it, Mary! I kept up with you just fine, want to read some of your poetry (post some here) and as to where to begin, you know the answer is with a sheet off proverbial paper. You go girl. Put random thoughts to paper. Editors and editing are a beautiful thing. Just purge! Have fun with it. The story that is Mary is a series and you don’t know the end because it’s a never ending tale!


    • maryaquino says:

      Likely not going to post any of my poetry. It’s all from when I was a kid…irrelevant and more rambling that I do on here. This is my great American novel, or autobiography. I’m published….on the web. 🙂


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