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Veggie Corn Chowder – poor shopping skills style

I thought I bought everything that I needed to make corn chowder.  Not only did I shop poorly, I read the recipe poorly.  So.  I had to improvise.  But if the smell in the kitchen has any bearing…it may be … Continue reading

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Blueberry Streusel Cake

This is the recipe for the cake on my facebook page yesterday…two qualifying statements – this is NOT my recipe, I actually followed one, but I might have done something a little different if I was feeling inventive…but I wasn’t. … Continue reading

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New Attempt at Peanut Butter Chocolate Dessert Bars – Organic Style!

I will not rest until I make the perfect chocolate/peanut butter sweet treat.  So…I tried again.  I drove down the organic street tho.  Bought all organic/non-gmo/no pesticide, no additive, no anti-biotic stuff – EVEN THE COOKING SPRAY! So, I took … Continue reading

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A couple of recipe blogs: Walnut Bread

It was taking forever for my note on FB to load, etc…so I thought I would blog some recipes.  It’ll make me feel more like Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman…have you read her blog?  Seen her website?  If not, go … Continue reading

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Catching up…where was I when we last talked?

So, since I returned from Cursillo, I’ve been missing in action a lot because of a PC issue – my hard drive crashed!  And well, it all worked out for the best, however it was not fun while I was … Continue reading

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