Modification of Crock Pot Dog Food

I will 100% credit Dr. Ruth Roberts for the basis of this recipe, but I’ve thought multiple times about writing down my bastardization of it and now I am…For a friend.

I tended to get everything organic and tend toward items that were non GMO.

  1. 3 lbs meat – I used to mix it up – 1 lb turkey, 1 lb chicken, 1 lb lamb
  2. 6 cups of greens (again, I tend to mix it up, but kale or spinach were my go-to
  3. 1 cup of vegetables (I tended toward carrots and green beans but broccoli or cauliflower would also do))
  4. 2 sweet potatoes or yams
  5. 1 can of kidney beans (although you might think GASSY, they will be cooked to DEATH and the gas will be gone)
  6. 1 Tums tablet (yeah, really)
  7. 1 cup of broth (chicken, beef, lamb) NO SODIUM!

Put in the crock pot in the order shown. Cook on low for 8 hours (I did overnight). Then add 1 cup of barley. If you don’t think your dog can digest barley (or quinoa or farro or even a small grain pasta like Orzo), add another cup of potatoes cut into small dice and cook for another hour.

Once it’s all done cooking, use a potato masher or a meat fork to smoosh it into small bites – also, consider (once cooled) using a food processor and just pulsing a few times.

I always froze half and then stored the other half in the fridge. Serving size depends on the dog. For my greyhound it was 1 cup. Sometimes I would add it to some high end kibble, if she was eating it.


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Planning an update to this, and hopefully a way to encourage women to stay healthy as they approach middle age. Change happening April 1!!
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